Flits Beta feedback
Wrong amount of coins in wallet

Posted at: 2020-05-05 13:16


I withdrew my last SCC MN reward hours ago but it still figures in my account. It also appears in my spendable coins, althought, obviously, I can't send them again. Also, I still have some issues on the spendable amounts, in general. I always have to modify the sending amounts before withdrawing.



Posted at: 2020-05-05 13:57

Also received a FLS reward an hour ago and It still doesn't figure in my account. The tx does appear. But still 1000 FLS in account.

I'm not worried, I know it's beta. Just sharing my issues!


Posted at: 2020-05-14 14:04

After withdrawing my KTS out of cold staking, the wallet showed double of the amount actually available. After a couple of times closing the app it want back to normal, probably something to do with the fact the amount of coins had to be confirmed vs the amount in the wallet.