Governance proposals
The Flits team has official budget proposals which makes them able to execute their work
Team and marketing budget AOS
Mitchel van Amstel

Posted at: 2020-08-19 11:57

Current Developments

As the first governance period has expired we would like to host a new voting to extend the governance budget for an additional 3 months. We have worked really hard to come this far and build Flits as it is now.

To keep innovating and continuing the growth of the Flits project we have a need for a continuous cashflow and a more sustainable businessmodel. This way we can expend and grown Flits together and make the project reach its full potential. 

In this proposal we took in account the company’s cost including; office and personal. And marketing, future savings and the ongoing development of Flits. Because we have changed a more stable value for Flits we decided to ask for a 3 month budget, which will help the ongoing development of the Flits ecosystem.


”25 000 FLS will be rewarded to the Flits team to help the development of the Flits ecosystem for a period of three months (July, August and September)”

Budget requirements

To explain why the governance is needed, we made a small overview.

 1. Team Salary: An amount of the governance will be used to provide salary’s for the Flits team. And create a better communication and organization structure within the project. Also we want to expand the team with new team members and technical support.

 2. Marketing: An large amount of the governance will be used to help thrive marketing for Flits with large scale campaigns and smaller day-to-day marketing like; articles, Twitter engagement etc. 

 3. Service optimalisation App: An mount of the governance will be used for optimization of the services and features provided in the app. This means support optimization and management inside the app. And also introducing new payment possibilities and features. This amount of the governance will also be used to make pools for example the swap and the giftcards, so we can boost the internal liquidity inside the Flits app.

 4. Partner budget: A small amount of the governance will be reserved for possible collaborations and partnerships with projects. This can be used to do marketing together with these parties or maybe implementing new features inside the Flits app.

 5. Exchange listing: As the crypto space is changing rapidly and business are leaving the market we think it is very important to keep an eye on good exchanges for the Flits ecosystem. That is why an amount of the governance will be reserved for exchange listing. As for now we think we have enough stable exchanges to keep the Flits ecosystem going, so this amount will be reserved for future developments.

 6. Savings: Because Flits is a product from Blockworks B.V. , a registered company in the Netherlands, we have to take in account that we will need sufficient company savings to make the project successful. These savings will be used to expand the company’s size and will be used for partnerships, employees, trainees etc.