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Staking Klimatas (KTS)

Posted at: 2020-06-09 20:14

Is there any difference - with regard to receiving rewards, when staking a single larger amount or multiple smaller amounts?


Posted at: 2020-06-11 15:19

Is the same, I've already asked Mitchel the same thing. Not only KTS


Posted at: 2020-06-11 15:29

Thanks Alex. Appreciate your reply.


Posted at: 2020-06-13 12:51

How much reward you get for staking?


Posted at: 2020-06-13 19:32

I think it’s 2.1 KTS each time you get it.. The more you stake, the more frequent as well - I believe. Still new to staking though..

Keep in mind as well, that the reward structure is about to change - with the upcoming release of the Eco Fund for Klimatas (KTS).. but think it’s more masternode rewards affected.

Will see soon enough as this awesome project is still preparing for launch!! Not to mention the upcoming Klimatas (KTS) app is also to be released!! Same awesome team as Flits (FLS), I believe.. Soooo exciting!!


Posted at: 2020-06-13 20:31

Interesting.. Thanks for the feedback!