Governance proposals
The Flits team has official budget proposals which makes them able to execute their work
Team and marketing budget Q1
Mitchel van Amstel

Posted at: 2020-02-03 13:51

Core team development and operation/marketing budget Q1 2020

On-chain governance is a system where people can use their masternodes to vote on proposals which makes a budget available to develop or promote a project. Flits is using it to maintain ongoing development and marketing,.

We are currently very statisfied with the progression the Flits project has made in the past months, and we look back to a good 2019. We learned a lot and we are improving our product every day.

Because we want to involve our users in shaping the product, we listened to the feedback and needs of our users and we keep working hard on improving and optimizing Flits. We have big plans for 2020 regarding the expansion of the app and the ecosystem around Flits.

To ensure the quality and continuity of the Flits project, we have a need for a continuous cashflow and a sustainable business model. This way the team is able to stay committed to the project without the need of an extra job to maintain income.

In this proposal we have taken in account that it will pay for the office, team members and the development of the new app version. Also a marketing budget is taken in account and we are already in a conversation with some potential partners. 

Because the needs of Flits can vary per period and the team can change this proposal will be valid for the rest of this quarter, so the payment will be for two months (February and March).

Where will the budget be used for

  • Find and hire new team members (1-2 new people)
  • Improve support and look into providing 24/7 support
  • Upgrade of the UI and UX of the Flits app
  • Releasing Flits Web
  • Compatibility with tablets and smartwatches
  • Introducing new payment methods
  • In-app cold staking
  • Investing in professional marketing to increase growth
  • Develop a new website
  • App localization, starting with Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French
  • Support for DIP3 masternodes

Budget breakdown

We request a total of 50,000 FLS, where every period pays 25,000 FLS.

PeriodGovernance budget
February 202025,000 FLS
March 202025,000 FLS
Total50,000 FLS

How to vote for this proposal?

If you don't use the Flits app:

Vote command: (run in debug console)

mnbudgetvote many 6fee362f2d3b289ad6b09c8c77e4a67164ddc8dfc42bf38af301a03a2908f77c yes

If you do use the Flits app:

Go to the Flits (FLS) wallet inside the app, click on the orange "Governance" button, click on the "TeamAndMarketingQ1" proposal and press "Vote yes"